What Is Your Family Night Routine?

I have a friend who has “Lemon Drop Fridays” where she makes herself a yummy lemon drop every Friday when she gets home-and friends are always invited! Another gal I know makes it a movie and pizza night with her family. A past coworker of mine plays a board game at her kitchen island with her husband and son every Friday after work to discuss their weekend plans. All of these things are fun Friday rituals to look forward to through out the week.

I love routine. Most kids like routine. I just want to write a quick word of encouragement and ask you to create a routine in your life with your spouse or your family-preferably both if you have them!

This Friday night I'm playing with Mr. Potato Head with my 3 yr. old!
This Friday night I’m playing with Mr. Potato Head with my 3 yr. old!

A couple ideas for you to create a fun family night every week:
-Movie Night
-Eat outside (summer or winter this is fun!)
-Karaoke in the living room
-FroYo night
-Dance party in the living room (one of our faves!)
-Card games (teach your kids one of our old favorites)
-Nature walk (this can be done any time of year)
-Cook together

I hope you enjoy your family as the summer comes to an end.


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