What Does Your Facebook Account Suggest? #workingwednesday


What does your Instagram profile suggest about you? Your Facebook profile pic? What are you talking about on Twitter? It is really important to think about these things, ESPECIALLY when you are searching for a job. Many employers HR departments will perform a google search for their candidate. When you have your cleavage hanging out on Instagram or profanity all over your twitter account an employer may pass you up when dwindling down their top choices. Now I am not against cleavage, I’m just recommending that if you have a public social media profile, be mindful of the image you are portraying. Now maybe you are thinking, “They should like me for who I am” and I totally agree. Just be mindful, that’s all. I have had many meetings with people I don’t know and most of the time I will search for them on LinkedIn before our meeting. Even if it is just to see what they look like.

If you are searching for a job right now, I know it’s tough out there. The economy has affected my friends and family too. I pray you find a job if you are looking. And be an awesome job candidate through social networking!

Here’s to you awesome working Moms!


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    • Lynette
    • May 9, 2013

    Hey lady. Since you are one of my fav blogs and a great person besides, I nominated you for a Leibster award! http://wp.me/p2bJzA-YB

    1. Reply

      A Leibster!? Cool-I can’t wait to find out what it is-I’ll check your blog! 🙂

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