The Mom Life: A Delicate Balance

Finding balance is a daily activity. And not just for working moms. Many people, men AND women, look to find balance between their work, family and personal lives. Women struggle with finding balance because of our desire to be at home with our children while working outside of the home. Some of us work outside the home because it is financially necessary. Some of us have a strong desire to have a career, while others of us want to work part time. It’s a delicate balance trying to juggle work and family life, while thriving personally and making time for yourself.


Finding balance is never simple or easy. When you take a look at your work life, you might want to talk to your boss about working from home part time or delegating specific projects to a coworker to allow you to reduce your schedule so you can take or pick up your kids from school. Lay it all on the table when you discuss your situation with your boss. You may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Or you may not, but hopefully you will! If you work out of financial necessity, you could look for a less stressful job that allows you to be mentally home when you are at home with your children, instead of thinking about what you need to get done at work. For me, it is important to find ways to be with my family more. It is also important to be fulfilled with my work in marketing. I will always have to make compromises between work and family. It is important to recognize my priorities and realize that I cannot do everything. No one can. Learn to prioritize.

Like all mothers, I love my children and I want to spend time with them, but I do not need to spend every minute with them in order to be a good mom. I believe that moms who are home full time do themselves a favor by having other adults apart of their children’s lives. In my observation children who have been allowed to develop intimate relationships with people other than their parents tend to trust others and separate successfully when the time comes than those whose mothers never let them leave their side alone.

Learning to delegate and be flexible really helped me find balance. I gave up control of the household chores, even if I can clean or cook better. 😉 I developed a weekly meal plan and wrote it on our kitchen chalkboard so that my husband can start dinner if he is home before I am. I have also begun delegating chores around the house to the kids. Even if they don’t clean every crumb, it’s okay because they are learning and so am I. Having this help, allows me to have more family time during my time at home. It helps all of us be joyful, unless the kids don’t want to clean their room.

It is hard adapting to each “hat” that we wear throughout our day. If we can learn to prioritize, organize and delegate we will be much happier and so will our families. Our children will feel more secure and our marriages will thrive. Balance is never a permanent thing, we must work for it everyday. Please, please remember to take care of yourself. If you are not taken care of, how can you manage a successful wife life and mom life? Take time for a massage, a coffee with a book or a run on Saturday morning while your husband or friends/family take your children to the park. Having a balanced, JOYFUL life will make others gravitate to you and allow you to thrive at work, at home and most importantly, INSIDE.


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    • Linda Cline
    • September 21, 2012

    Great article!

      • rosie
      • September 21, 2012

      Thanks Linda!

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