The 21 Day Belly Fix: My Focus Group Experience w/ Dr.Taz!

This past August I was invited to be a member of a focus group that followed a “plan for a clean gut and slimmer waist.” It was perfect timing. I had an emergency hospital stay in July to have an ERCP procedure and my gallbladder removed. THAT was fun.

I’ve had digestive issues for several years and after this last hospital stay (3 over the last two years for digestive issues!) I welcomed a plan to heal my body.


Dr. Taz led 10 focus group members through the 21-day belly fix plan to help us slim down and heal our bodies. I was skeptical because I have been such a trend dieter. New diet you say? Lose inches while eating cupcakes you say? Eat cabbage soup and lose 20 lbs in 3 days you say? You get what I mean. If there’s a new diet trend out there, I’ve tried it. But it never stuck. And the thing is…I KNOW how to lose weight. Eat less, exercise more. That’s it. End of story. But it’s not just about being thin. It’s about being healthy.

After going through this 21-day belly fix plan I’ve found what foods inflame by body. I’ve learned that one food group I need to stay away from is dairy. I wish I would have figured out the foods that trigger inflammation in my body before all my hospital stays.

The 21-day belly fix taught me to simplify my foods and eat what will nourish my gut. The plan basically starts off by ridding toxins from your body and then you gradually begin introducing foods to heal your gut while learning about your own food intolerances.

Did I mention I lost 9 lbs and 5.5 inches in 21 days!

I highly recommend this book. You can pre-order for the next day and then it releases on Tuesday, October 23rd!


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