Tummy-Time & Tweens {#MommyMonday}

You may or may not know that our 4 boys range from an infant to a tween. Right now our baby boy is teething and seems to be waking up hourly sometimes at night to be comforted. I don’t mind getting up because I know this special time will not last long, although some tired, frustrating nights I might be known to throw the covers off a little too hard in order to wake up the husband as I get out of bed to get the baby. I’m not perfect okay? 😉

But seriously, whether we have a teething infant or are dealing with our tween that wants to watch a movie that we don’t approve of–It’s always something! I just want to help us and you if you can relate, remember that the “I can’t wait until he can talk!” And the “It will be so fun when she can walk!” will be replaced with ” Remember when we put him down for tummy-time and he wouldn’t move off the blanket?” and possibly even, “Remember when he couldn’t talk back to us?” Oh the joys!

Life is full of challenging times and some may be more challenging than others, but they are ALL challenging. So, just when you think life is getting easier with your infant, the terrible twos come along. If you are still reading this post, I’m glad you are ( and thanks for visiting!) because I don’t mean to come across as Negative Nelly because life gets more amazing as your children get older too. They can have good questions that provoke thought and make me want to be a better person. And help you carry groceries in, feed the dog and even put away the silverware! As our children grow older, we are able to have more meaningful conversations that discuss real life issues that are tough, but shape their thoughts and morals for life. It is all very exciting! Do you have a challenging toddler or tween?


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    • Diana
    • January 14, 2013

    My 3 y.o. son has just started some wild temper tantrums, seemingly out of the blue. He is our only child, but I still find myself closing my eyes and thinking this moment won’t last.

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      Thank you for stopping by Diana!

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