TacomaWorkingMom TV this Sunday! + #MommyMonday

I can't wait to share the first episode of TacomaWorkingMom TV with you this Sunday, please subscribe to email updates (subscribe form in the sidebar) from me so you don't miss an episode! Watch my latest promo, HERE!

As far as #MommyMonday, ooooh boy. Our 19 month old, Kjell, has really turned into a toddler. Whining, crying, arching his back. What he wants, he wants. He doesn't understand danger. He doesn't understand jumping off furniture is not a good idea. I know it will just take time to get through this phase. We need to remain consistent with him, but boy is it trying sometimes. What heped you get through the tough toddler years?

Happy Parenting!



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    We are going through the same thing with Palmer right now. Consistent is what is best. She’s been telling us “no” which is clearly a learned behavior from us attempting to guide her to not do/say things that will harm her or are just not for her. So we are changing our habits by say “let’s not do/say that because…instead, let’s do/say this…” and really try to distract and turn her focus to something positive. It’s tiring and we sure do want to give at times up but it’s all part of the growing pains. And what a blessing that we were chosen to be these little one’s parents, right (that’s what I tell myself when I get tired of feeling like a broken record)!

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      McKenzi! Thank you for sharing, it makes me feel more relaxed knowing that I’m not alone with a crazy toddler!

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