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Today, my 6 year old and I ventured out to do some research and photography for my upcoming blog post that will include a local holiday gift guide. We went to several shops in Tacoma’s Theater District and then ventured over to the 6th Avenue Business District. We stopped in to the Tacoma Food Co-op to see what gift ideas we could find (you’ll read more about what we found in our gift guide later this week!). I had to share this pic of the bulk food section because they have SO MUCH to choose from. Flours, nuts, seeds, trail mix, dried fruit, pancake mix and much more! Stop by when you get a chance. It’s a fantastic place if you’re into local, sustainable, organic and non-gmo food. Which I am. 🙂 Have a great week!


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  1. Reply

    I love the co-op, but the prices for produce are a little steep. I usually pick up my local honey, for the kids’ allergies, and some tea from Mad Hat here. BTW – include a visit to Mad Hat on your travels for local gift giving. Its got great tea for EVERYTHING that might ail you. 🙂

      • rosie
      • November 30, 2012

      I love Mad Hat Tea, but I have never been to their shop. What do you think of the cost of produce at Veggies in Fircrest?

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