Stop Those Silly Little Fights: The Parenting Fight {Post 2 of 3}

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This is my second post in the series regarding silly little fights, this post is about parenting.You can read my first ‘Stop Those Silly Little Fights’ post on housework, HERE. Parenting, along with dividing up housework, is also challenging. For one we, as most couples, were raised differently. And two, we are a blended family. Both challenging scenarios. But that is not the end all be all! We work hard to be on the same page with our parenting style when it comes to discipline and teaching our boys. Here are a few things that we have learned along the way to stop the silly little parenting fights…

1. Don’t challenge each other’s parenting in front of the kids. This is really important, especially for us being a blended family. It is best to discuss  better 😉 your ideas once you are alone.

2. Set a timer on your smart phone for 10 minutes to discuss the situation. I haven’t tried this, but I think it could be a good idea. The parenting discussion doesn’t need to last long and postponing the quarrel usually brings on logic and reasoning after the heat of the moment is over. Which is hard for me since I like to “fix” things right away. But I find it is easier for my husband and I to discuss each other’s views after we have cooled down.

3. Don’t ever start a sentence with “You Never” or “You Always.” This will not end good. Actually, I try to catch myself when I start a sentence with “you.” Only because when you do that it is almost always because you are blaming the other person or telling them what to do. A better approach is to start a conversation with “I feel,” which is a much softer approach.

These 3 things help with arguments about the kids, but really they would help with silly little fights over anything. It is just really important to remain on the same page when in front of your children. Happy parenting!


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    stopping over from SITs. Great ideas! I have learned the hard way to never begin a sentence with YOU as well. It doesn’t end well when I do!

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      Heather-thanks for visiting! I love the SITS Sharefest, always help me find new blogs to follow.

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    Rosie – this is a stellar post. What I thought it meant to be married before kids and after kids was quite different, and I am in a perpetual state of unpreparedness when it comes to situations like this. Each one of your tips is so useful, I’m setting my “time-out” timer for ten minutes for our next discussion. Such a great piece – thank you for writing it!

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      Thanks for visiting Jim!

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