Stop Those Silly Little Fights: The Housework Fight {Post 1 of 3}

You know what I’m talking about. The silly little fights you get in with your husband that really don’t need to be fights. And definitely don’t need to turn into 60 minutes of not talking to each other. Let me tell you a little story. In our bathroom (yes we have ONE bathroom right now for 6 people) we have a 4 shelf storage thingy for our towels. It is pretty narrow so the towels need to be folded in a specific way in order for them not to stick out and hang, ever so slightly, off the front of the shelf. My husband knows how to fold them perfectly in order for the towels not to hang over the edge. I, on the other hand, usually let it slide and whenever I fold the towels they would hang off the edge. My husband always mentions it when I fold the towels and wants choresto show me how to fold them. But whenever I fold the towels I can’t remember how to fold them so they hang off the edge. After a few silly little fights over the towels I decided to put the towels in a pile on the floor in the living room so that he can fold the towels. It has worked., It’s a compromise. It’s now a little joke of ours that he will always fold the towels because I don’t know how. Now, this doesn’t really help you with your silly little fight, but I have learned a few things that do help when we argue over housework. Let me preface with one thing-my husband is not like most husbands. He LIKES doing the dishes. He folds laundry. AND he picks up the boys’ room. Really. I’m serious. However, we are not perfect and there are days that we argue about the house being messy. Here’s a few ways to stop the silly little housework fight:

1. Stop micromanaging. If you ask your husband to fix something in the kitchen or take out the garbage, yet he is watching Sportscenter after dinner, don’t complain. Give him a chance to get it done by the end of the evening. I have learned that men need some “down time” after their day. What’s down time? 😉 But seriously, sometimes down time is playing with the kids or watching the news. Let it happen and let him do it on his time. And most of the time it will get done.

2. Don’t control the kitchen. When your husband is making dinner, don’t tell him 3 times that he  should have used a bigger bowl, needs to keep stirring the pot or that he should cut the veggies smaller. He might think “If you won’t let me do it my way, then why should I do it at all?” Let go and let him rule the kitchen if he is making dinner.

3. Finally, make a list. Create a bulletin board in the kitchen with a list of things that need to get done in the house and write next to each one how many people it will take to get it done. Then when you or your husband have time, cross one off the list and get it done. Or if it takes two people, ask an older child to help. This way, the list of things to do is always out there for everyone to see (no nagging), is perceived as a joint effort and a good example to your kids that it takes everyone to keep your household in tact.

I hope these items will help you to stop the silly little housework fight. How do you share household chores?



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