Steer Your Kids Away from Feeling Entitled #mommymonday


Do you know what keeps me up at night? The thought of my kids growing up feeling entitled. Money is not the only factor – some choices can substantially affect the development of entitlement in our children. Avoid the entitlement trap by asking yourself a few questions:

1. Do they hold down jobs? Jobs give your child the chance to gain experience and get honest feedback. Reality is one of the best ways to combat a false sense of entitlement.

2. Are they allowed to suffer? Don’t set your kids up to fail, but don’t shelter them from fate’s hard knocks. Pain builds resilience – but don’t make your kids suffer too much.

3. Are they grateful? Gratitude is almost the opposite of entitlement. Parents must model gratitude before kids can develop it, so show gratitude often. Chances are your children will thank you for it.

Such good info!


Reblogged from the Harvard Business Review and adapted from “Keep Your Kids Out of the Entitlement Trap” by Josh Baron and Rob Lachenauer.

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