Reminiscing My Single Mom Days! #mommymonday


When I became a Mom, I was single. Not married. No boyfriend. Just a single Mom with an estranged baby daddy in another state.

I haven’t yet had the chance to tell my single Mom story fully on my blog. I will someday. When I’m ready, and when I think that you, my readers, are ready.

Tonight my husband is at a golf tournament. My 2 year old is in bed, my 2 stepsons are with their Mom and so it’s just me and Dylan. My firstborn. Being at home, being able to spend time with him alone, reminds of me of our single life together. We had a really clean house, with just a few toys to make it messy. Not much laundry. Some nights he would fall asleep in my bed with me, and I loved it. We would have cereal for dinner all the time. Not many weekend plans, just US time. And I loved it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that Dylan now has a Dad in his life. And that I have a wonderful, loving husband.

We now have our own family that we are a part of. But I will never forget our single life together and how special it was. It was not easy being a single Mom. Sometimes I had to borrow money from my family to pay rent or get groceries. And I wished I had a husband. And I wished my son had a dad. I would cry about that all the time. But the good outweighed the bad in my single days.

I believe that is why we have a close relationship now. It was just us for nearly five years before I was married. Dylan only had me to fall on, I was his playmate, his movie mate and the one that bought him a $1 hot wheels car every single time we want grocery shopping.

I’m thankful for our quiet nights at home. And I’m thankful for our chaotic life with my husband and our 4 wild boys too. It helps me appreciate the quiet nights that much more when I do have time with just Dylan.

I think what I really want to say is thank you God for all the different roads we travel on through life because they teach us to be grateful through it all. I hope you cherish the tough times just as much as the good times.


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    Wow, this was really beautiful. That last line, “all the different roads we travel on through life because they teach us to be grateful through it all” really resonated with me. Thank you.

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