Pencils & Paper & Backpacks…Oh My!

Is it back to school time already? WOW. This summer flew by. With 3 baseball teams, VBS, summer camp and the new baby we have had ONE. BUSY. SUMMER. Phew, that was fun. Now that we are getting ready to go back to the school schedule I thought I would share my tips and ideas to help you and your family transition and get organized this September. Here is what I am doing with my family–>

  • My #1 priority is to adjust the sleep schedule. I am going to begin to have the boys go to bed on time EVERY night to give a few weeks practice adjusting to going to bed and getting up a little earlier. Although my 6 year old prepares for the school schedule year round. 😉
  • Curb anxiety about a new teacher, classroom or school by visiting before the school year starts.Go the open house to meet the teacher, find bathrooms and see your child’s desk. This really does help, especially the tweens and teens that may be worried about not having seen friends all summer  Or maybe they don’t know anyone if it is a new school. This really make the first day a little easier.

    First Day of Kindergarten last year!
  • This is a fun one, especially for younger elementary age kids. Pack their lunch the night before and let them eat it at home or with their childcare provider the next day. Do this a few days a week during the 2 weeks before school. I know this will help get me into the routine of packing lunches the night before to make hectic mornings a bit easier. Especially when I am heading off to work too. Also, set out clothing the night before once school starts, HUGE TIMESAVER FOR US.
  • Create a school command center. I have a wall in my kitchen that I am designating to school. I have a hanging box/folder for each boy that school homework and papers can go in. There is also a hook by the door for backpacks and coats. Once I have it all put together I will add a photo to share! Visit my Pinterest organization board for the ideas that I have found.
  • Menu plan.When my Husband and I went through pre-marital counseling we were asked what are top three “asks” were for the other person. One of his asks was that we plan our weekly dinner menu. I laughed at first because I thought, “That’s it? Menu plan?” I thought we should come up with something grand and inspiring. But honestly, menu planning really has helped our relationship. Planning our dinners has helped by minimizing stress over the age old ‘What’s for dinner?’ question when we both are coming home from work and the boys are starving. This way, the boys know what to expect and the first parent home begins cooking.  

I hope you can use some of these tips. What are your back to school tips and to-do’s?



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    • Amy
    • August 17, 2012

    Love your ideas Rosie! Keep up the awesome blog! See you guys in 1st grade!

    • Leah Ohrberg
    • August 17, 2012

    Great post! I need to implement all those ideas
    I’m excited about our first year of “real school”

  1. Reply

    Love the idea of the school center in your kitchen. I need a pic so I can copy!

      • rosie
      • September 6, 2012

      I did finish it the night before the first day of school, i will take a pic and post this weekend!

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