Organic Foods {new!} News from the American Academy of Pediatrics


I don’t purchase only organic-everything when I’m at the grocery store. I do try to buy organic most of the time, budget allowing. I’ve been confused on what i SHOULD buy organic because of a high risk of pesticides and what might be okay eating even when it isn’t organic. I want our boys to eat healthy food choices and not be filled with GMO’s (genetically modified ingredients), pesticides or artificial hormones. So if you’ve had this question in the back of your mind that you want to buy organic, but can’t afford to buy everything organic, and you don’t know what foods to buy organic, you’ll be happy to know that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) just put out a statement with foods that should be purchased organic. Sorry that was a really long sentence! 🙂

The AAP said that there is convincing evidence that eating organic foods does reduce exposure to pesticides. And the experts agree that avoiding pesticides is best for the growing brain development of children. And probably us moms too! The bottom line is that it is okay to give your children “mainstream” foods, but if you can budget for the cost of buying organic foods, especially produce, you will minimize pesticide exposure. Here are 14 foods that are recommended to eat organic:

-Sweet Bell Peppers
-Nectarines (imported)
-Blueberries (domestic)
-Green Beans

I have also begun purchasing only organic meat as well. It grosses me out to think that I could be eating chicken that could have antibiotic resistant bacteria or hormones in it. If you know of a great website about the organic debate leave it in the comments below.


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