No more blog challenges for me!

Have you ever had a month and thought to yourself (once its past), “Phew! Glad that month is over!” Well, I just had one. I started out the month of March with the best of intentions to write everyday through the 31 Day blog challenge at www.fabulousfindsbutiffany, great blog by the way. And I got through several days, then I started grouping days into one blog post. Then I realized something about myself. I can’t be told what to write everyday. It’s not me. I need to be creative, come up with the post idea on my own and not be put into a blog box. Is there even such a thing?

Anyway, back to being happy that March is over. 🙂 March is a busy month at the office for me. I also had kids with ear infections, colds and baseball season began at our house. So I am sorry to my readers for not following through with my blog challenge that I committed to. Hopefully you can forgive this working Mom blogger and keep reading my posts-I try to keep it real for you!

We arrived last night at the Oregon Coast for the tail end of spring break-here’s to rest and a fresh blog post!



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