New Kid’s Boutique Blog Sponsor + My New Fave Food #mommymonday

It's Mommy Monday! I am so excited to introduce a new Tacoma Working Mom sponsor today. I met these lovely ladies recently when they told me all about their love for everything local. In fact, their name reflects just that, they are Love Local Living and Local Kid. Local Kid is a brand new children's clothing boutique in Tacoma created with a new way to “buy” clothing for your kids. seriously, this is a unique concept you will just adore, trust me–> it's not your typical clothing store! You will just have to check out their website to find out more! I'll be at their grand opening this weekend, hope to see you there. 🙂

I also wanted to share with you my new favorite thing–> cashew cheese! If you've been reading my blogs the past few weeks (or maybe you read it on my Facebook page) you may know that I'm giving up meat for Lent. So, I've been finding creative ways to get my protein. My friend Anna introduced me to nutritional yeast, a non-active yeast used by vegetarians and vegans to make all kinds of things! One is cashew cheese. Simple blend soaked cashews, nutritional yeast, lemon juice and a little salt. It's delicious!

Cashew Cheese, full of protein!
I ate most of it before I remembered to take a photo!

Cashew Cheese

2 cups cashews (soaked overnight)

1/2 cup nutritional yeast flakes

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Salt to taste ( begin with a big pinch)

Blend all together in a food processor or awesome blender until smooth and creamy. I stored mine in a glass jar up to one week in the fridge. Great for dipping veggies in, spreading on toast or mixing with noodles.

If you are dairy-free, vegan or just looking for a protein packed snack, this would be your new favorite food too! And don't forget to visit Local Kid this weekend!



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