#MommyMonday My Clean Eating Meal Plan Staples.


I’m always scouring Pinterest and safari on my iPad for clean eating recipes. But really, clean eating is pretty plain and it is hard to find variety. But it is possible!

I always pick up the following staples at the grocery store to make sure I always have clean eating options ready to go:

-organic boneless, skinless chicken breast
-organic baby spinach and organic kale or spring mix
-organic veggies: carrots, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower, sweet potatoes, avocado
-organic fruits: bananas, green apples, oranges and cherry tomatoes
-organic eggs
-nonfat plain yogurt
-old fashioned oatmeal
-100% whole wheat tortillas
-reduced fat peanut butter
-canned black beans
-frozen berries
-rice milk and almond milk
-protein powder, chocolate or vanilla

So, when you have all of these items around you, (and me!), have no excuse not to eat clean and healthy. I buy groceries on Sunday evenings and prep on Sunday or Monday for the week.

This is what my meal prep looks like:

I bake 6 chicken breasts with salt/pepper and fresh squeezed lemon on top. That way I have chicken to slice for salads at lunch. And if I need shredded chicken for a weeknight dinner, I have the chicken ready and salsa and tortillas on hand. I also drain and rinse black beans to keep refrigerated for breakfast burritos or salads. Now that’s an easy weeknight dinner. You can always have egg breakfast burritos with salsa for dinner too. I also bake 4 sweet potatoes. I will put sliced chicken and sweet potatoes in a container for lunch. And lastly I hard boil a dozen eggs. My husband and 7 year old both love hard boiled eggs. Great protein snack!

An example of a weeknight meal plan at our house:
Monday-Baked chicken with rice and broccoli (My Husband and boys will eat the chicken with barbecue sauce)
Tuesday-Shredded chicken tacos with steamed baby carrots and cucumber slices
Wednesday-Breakfast for dinner! Eggs alone or in a tortilla, toast and apple slices
Thursday-Wild Salmon (when it’s on sale!) with rice, veggies and salad
Friday-I usually make a “casserole” of some sort than we can also have on Saturday for lunch. A lasagna with ground turkey, chicken enchiladas or spaghetti. But don’t be fooled sometimes Friday nights are turkey sandwiches or pancakes. Sometimes you need that after a long week.

Protein shake: protein powder, raw oats, peanut butter, banana and rice or almond milk

I’ve been making fresh spring rolls lately with shrimp lately as well as thin flank steaks when I have more time. Really, I try to shop the outside of the grocery store-produce, meats and whole grains.

What are your meal plan staples?



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