Becoming a Mom of 3, Life with Two Toddlers and a Baby. A Guest Post from Gig Harbor Mom, Katie Pickett.

These days I don’t do much diaper changing since my youngest is 4 now! Hard to believe. I know that many of you do change diapers, breastfeed and are generally in survival mode 24/7. Even though our boys are past the baby stage I still feel like I am in survival mode half the time.

Today’s guest blog is from Gig Harbor Mom, Katie Pickett, she blogs over at Joyful Messes. Katie is super, I’ve been following her Instagram account and especially connect with her because of her faith and she is a fellow Mom of all boys. Katie has two toddlers, Jack and Benjamin. She recently welcomed Baby David into the world. You can read about her birth story and other musings on her blog and creative outlet. Thanks Katie for sharing about your life as Mom of 3. Can any of you relate to Katie?

On October 21st at 1:10pm, I joined the mom-of-three club.

Since that day, I’ve graduated from hospital undies. I started putting yoga pants on, rather than pajama pants. I haven’t quite excelled into my new role as mom-of-three yet. Transitioning into life at home with two toddlers and a baby is a process I’m going through, with no real “I’ve got this down!” moments. (Hopefully soon?!) The older boys are loving this new phase in life. They are running around naked and crazy half the time. It’s difficult to dress them with one hand while nursing the baby in the other. As soon as I sit down to nurse, food starts soaring back and forth, laundry baskets get dumped, pillows go flying, and they literally have the time of their lives. Yeah, I’m navigating through the war zone in survival mode, driven by instinct. I’m refereeing sword fights one one hand, then enjoying the soft peacefulness of a new baby on the other. The crazy-town, toddler chaos is intertwined with the soft and snuggly cuddles of a newborn. I’m jumping back and forth between two worlds like I’m flipping the channel between shows.

joyfulmessesblogAdjustment isn’t really happening, but I am changing. The challenges are so different this time. I am feeling the aches and soreness from holding and nursing a baby, while also recovering my skills at being one-handed. But mostly, I’m transforming from a mom of two to a mom of three.

I’m learning to nurse while making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I am experiencing new joy seeing the two older brothers run to “their baby” when he makes a noise, just to check on him. I love snuggling and smelling a newborn, all while telling the older boys stories of pirates and Captain Hook. I’m in two phases at the same time.

Motherhood does that to you. It jumps you into various places at once. I’m in the newborn mode, while still battling the toddler attitudes. Adjusting to life as a mom of three involves jumping back and forth from those spaces. Gently holding an infant, then pinning down a wild monkey boy to get his pants on. It’s a juxtaposition that you move through and learn as you become a mom of three. Your life is so different, yet so much the same.

I still can’t sit down for more than a minute, I still have sippy cups to fill. I wake up to the usual alarm clock of little voices saying, “Mommy wake up, I’m thirsty.”

As a mom of three I have more. More diapers to change, more mouths to feed, more cries to soothe…but I also get more. I get more hugs, more laughs, more snuggles and more “I love you’s.”

Life at home with two toddlers and a baby is total crazy town, but is more of everything that makes it worth it.

Thank you again Katie for your time and I wish you all the best as a Mom of 3! You guys, be sure to check out her post about her post-partum fitness routine here.

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