Label Genetically Engineered Foods in WA: VOTE YES on 522 Nov. 5th!

Yes on 522! Labels Matter!

Yes on 522 draws support from farmers, fishing families, health professionals, moms and dads, business owners and consumer advocates who believe that Washington shoppers should have the right to know what is in our food. We are motivated by a very simple principle: people have the right to know what’s in the food they eat and feed their families.

A “yes” vote on 522 would give Washington shoppers more information about what’s in their food and control over their shopping decisions. Under this initiative, genetically engineered foods to be labeled could include chips, cold cereals, soft drinks, candy, corn and soy. Our food is already labeled with abundant nutritional information including sugar, sodium, whether flavors are natural or artificial and if salmon is wild or farm-raised. Additionally, American companies are already required to label genetically engineered food in 64 other countries. They should provide the same information to American shoppers.

This November, it’s up to us to decide. Let’s vote for the right to know what’s in our food. Yes on 522.

Whether you believe in eating GMO’s or not, it is important to know what is in our food and to make an educated choice when purchasing items at the grocery stores. It is our right to know what is in our food. Visit THIS WEBSITE to read the FAQs on 522.

Please vote on Tuesday!


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