It’s Farmer’s Market Season in the Pacific Northwest!


This morning I walked down to the Proctor Farmer’s Market with my youngest son in the stroller and $25 ready to spend! I really love going to the farmer’s market. Almost every time we go, there is someone we know that we get to catch up with. Today there were two families I knew!

The local, organic farmers were there. There was also vendors selling baked goods, beef, fish, wine, plants and EMPENADAS! We can talk about supporting local businesses, but sometimes the farmers are the ones we forget about. They need our dollars too.

Here’s what I found this morning, pictured above:

-3 tomato starts
-2 bags of gluten-free coconut flour, oatmeal cookies
-green juice
-gluten-free fettuccine
-chocolate, zucchini bread

I encourage you to visit the farmers market near you this weekend and see what you can come home with. I would love to go for a week with my family only eating items we bought at the market. Maybe I’ll try it and let you know how it goes!

Happy Saturday!


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