I’m Celebrating Body Fat Today!

The past 4 weeks have been amazingly bittersweet. I changed my lifestyle to include a regular workout regimen. It has been about a year since I have been on a regular routine, it feels so good and so tough at the same time. BUT! There is a happy ending. This past month I have been meeting my personal trainer, Crystal at Innovative Fitness , at 5AM twice per week. And guess what? In the last month I have dropped my body fat percentage from 30-something percent to 29%! I am celebrating my body fat today!

As a full-time employee, Wife, Mother, Friend, yu know the drill…I realized that if I want to workout, I have to MAKE time. And for me, that time is at 5AM while my family is still sleeping. How bad do you want it?

I'm all sweaty with Crystal after my workout this morning!
I’m all sweaty with Crystal after my workout this morning!
Since joining Innovative Fitness in Fircrest a month ago, I have been more consistent with my eating habits. Let me tell you, it’s not as much fun eating your kid’s Halloween candy when you have a personal trainer and a weekly weigh-in. I remember a friend in college told me once that whatever is keeping you motivated, stick with it, because it’s keeping you motivated! It sounds so simple, but it’s really profound. After each child I’ve gained and lost and gained and lost. But I really haven’t made anything stick. But I am now realizing it is a lifestyle and there will ALWAYS be a reason to cheat on my meal plan. I have a big family and it’s always someone’s birthday. It’s really about self-discipline and WANTING to meet your goals. If you WANT something bad enough, you will go for it.

If you are wanting to make a fitness change in your life and you live in the Tacoma or Gig Harbor area, I highly recommend InnovativeFitness, they have an educated fitness and personal training team that really knows what they are talking about when it comes to fitness and clean eating. I really like how Crystal keeps me accountable. I mean that second glass of red wine really isn’t that enjoyable when you have a personal trainer. But seriously, I’m celebrating my body fat loss with a glass of wine tonight. 😉

If you want to join me at Training Camp on Saturday mornings in Fircrest (or Gig Harbor), just drop me a note and I’ll meet you there. It’s just $10 for an hour-long kick-a$$ workout!


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    I TOTALLY noticed on pictures you have been looking so great!!! Way to go girl!! You look amazing! Keep it up!!

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      Awww thanks Lindsay-you made my day! XOXO

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