How To Go Back To School #LIKEABOSS!

Back to school like a boss

Many children have anxiety about going back to school. I think it is completely normal for a child to be nervous about school, whether they are going into kindergarten or 7th grade! There are ways to help children feel good about going to school in the fall, see my list below to help your child go back to school like a boss!

Last night was our back to school night at our elementary. You know, meet the teacher, see the classrooms, drop off school Back to school like a bosssupplies. My Husband took our older boys to our favorite spot on the Oregon Coast this week for an end of summer boys trip, so it was just me and our littlest one visiting the school. As I was walking in to the school last night, I realized I haven’t purchased school supplies yet! That will be first on the to-do list this weekend. There are a few other things I want to get done this weekend so that our boys can go back to school LIKE A BOSS next week!

How To Go Back To School Like A Boss.

Like A Boss Tip #1 Don’t just tell your child to relax and not be nervous, TEACH them how to relax.
Set an example with a positive attitude and tell them how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. If they are older, you can tell them to breathe deeply (breathing techniques info) and smile when they are nervous.

Like A Boss Tip #2 Practice and Discuss Routines With Your Child
When a child knows what to expect they are not as anxious about it. Think about it, when a kindergartner goes to his 1st day of school he clings to mommy’s leg. He clings because he doesn’t know what will happen when he goes in the classroom and his mommy leaves. Relieve that anxiety by discussing what will happen at school and after school. For an older child, you may want to discuss what to do about bullying and homework habits. And remember to tell your child, “In order to have friends, they have to BE a friend.”

Like A Boss Tip #3 Be Prepared For The 1st Day of School Like a boss!
Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Prepare your child by a good shopping trip for a new outfit, school supplies, maybe a special hot chocolate with marshmallows at home before school. Prepare something special for after school that your child can look forward to. A trip to the park, the library or maybe a museum? Prepare your positive attitude to pump up your child’s attitude. When your child senses your enthusiasm, he will pick up on it and that nervous energy will disappear. And if it doesn’t go away, there is always froyo after school. 🙂

Have fun, Like A Boss!


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