How to Be Happy: 5 Things All Happy Women Do

How to Be Happy: 5 Things All Happy Women Do
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If you’re ready for your mood to go sky-high, then consider your approach to life. Do you have all five suggestions covered?

1) Connect With Other Women

As women, we thrive on connections. There is nothing quite like finding a kindred spirit and saying, What? You too?

Take the time to foster relationships with other women. These might be with family, friends, or even online buddies! Whatever issue you’re facing, there’s no better fix than the unique perspectives of other women. Plus, often times you do not have to explain much for another woman to know exactly what you mean.

HappyWomen2) Take Time for Themselves

When was the last time you scheduled a hair appointment for yourself? Took yourself out to coffee…”just because”? Or maybe even shut off your phone and unplugged completely? (gasp!)

In a time of complex and automated schedules, it can be very difficult to find time for yourself. That’s why you have to make the decision to create time in your day purely for yourself and stick to it. Consider using your lunch hour, waking up a little earlier, and even having a certain time of day that you turn your phone off.

Spend uninterrupted time doing something purely for yourself and watch just how big of a difference it will make.

3) Exercise

Did you ever see the instant movie classic, Legally Blonde? One of my favorite quotes was from Elle Woods when she said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” Women who take time to incorporate physical activity in their day have more energy and are often times more relaxed. I’ll be the first to admit that getting to the gym never enters my stream of consciousness, BUT, I will say that when I’m in need for an emotional pick-me-up, getting outside and going for a walk really can do the trick.

4) Sleep

Have you ever gotten a really good night’s sleep and woken up the next morning feeling like you can conquer the world? When I’m not reaching for caffeine first thing the morning, I’m faster, smarter, and, dare I say it, happy about working. Regular sleep is not just important, it’s essential to a healthier, happier you.

5) Follow Their Passion

I have long thought this goal to be somewhat intangible… maybe even a bit hokey. But truth be told, about a year ago when everything in our online world started clicking and things really began to take shape, my perspective changed entirely.

No matter how you define your passion, one of the most happy-making things you can do is harness that talent into something real. The act of following your passion allows us to improve our innate skills in areas we’re already strong in and become better

Keeping yourself engaged in meaningful work is one of the largest part of figuring out how to be happy.

Your Turn. Which one of these five things will you do today? Choose one. Choose them all. Just try to do them now and again.
You’ll find you feel lighter and less stressed. Less confined. More you.

Hope you enjoyed reading this re-blog from Francesca, she’s amazing and if you are into blogging, read more about her here.


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