How Government Shutdown Hurts & How You Can Help #workingwednesday


There are plenty of people out there for whom the shutdown means far more than rallying around one party or another; it means missing meals, missing crucial medical treatment, missing heat as we enter the colder seasons.

Huffington Post ( has a roundup of those who could really feel the hurt of the Congressional stalemate sooner rather than later, and how we can lend a hand to get through this rough time.


Our former servicemen and servicewomen typically already wait more than a year to get their benefits. Now, officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs told Congress they probably won’t have enough funds to pay disability claims or make pension payments for vets if the shutdown lasts for more than two or three weeks, the Washington Post reported. Support organizations filling in the gaps such as Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans of America here.

Disadvantaged women and infants who rely on nutrition programs:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Saturday that if the government shuts down, no additional funds would be available to support the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)’s clinical services, food benefits and administrative costs. The $6 billion program’s key role is to help disadvantaged pregnant women and new moms buy nutritious food. Support organizations filling in the gaps such as Voices For America’s Children.

Full story at the Huffington Post link:

Meet my beautiful new niece in the pic below! Makes me feel even more empathetic for the women and children on WIC that may lose their benefits in the next two weeks.



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