Homemade Christmas Gifts + tutorials

Do you have all of your Christmas shopping done? I sure don't! We still need to buy most of the kids' presents and a few more for our loved ones. Our friends and some of our families gifts are done. In fact, 12 of them were done 3 months ago! Because that's when I started the vanilla extract. Yes, I made my own vanilla extract. And you can too. It's simple, easy and inexpensive! I made 12 bottles for less than $40!

Homemade Vanilla Extract Tutorial

imagewhat you will need: 18 vanilla beans, 1 jumbo bottle of vodka (generic brands are fine), and 12 bottles.

Cut a slit in each bean open to expose the vanilla inside. Put 1 1/2 beans in each bottle and fill it with vodka. Close the lid or put the cork in it, in my case. Store it in a cool, dry place and in 3 months they should age to perfection! You can make your own labels or find a free printable like I did.

I also made DIY T-shirt scarves, you can find the tutorial HERE.

Mason Jar Hot Cocoa Tutorial: I put together homemade hot cocoa mix (just sugar and cocoa baking powder) with marshmallows in mason jars and tied a red bow to a mini bottle of Baileys Irish cream liqueur and added that to the hot cocoa. You could also add a mini bottle of flavored syrup such as peppermint or even candy canes!

What are your homemade gift ideas? Are you giving any this year? Please leave me a comment and let me know!



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    • ang
    • January 2, 2013

    we made cocoa this year, too, but i didn’t think about giving a bottle of liqueur with it – great idea! 🙂

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