Natural Living with Plant Based Essential Oils

In today’s world, some of the most dangerous things that affect our health are things we willingly expose ourselves to on the daily. And some of these things might not be what you expect! In fact, you might be completely oblivious to the fact that the products we use on ourselves, in our home, on our children, and in our everyday lives, could be the very things that are contributing to why we’re sick, why we have health problems, why we struggle emotionally, and why we are not living a life full of wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Facts about everyday products from the store:
– Store-bought soaps contain sodium laureth sulfate, a toxic chemical used to remove car grease off of garage floors. This can be damaging to the skin, as well as disruptive to immune health and hormonal health.
– Both adult and kid shampoos contain phthalates, a toxic chemical that has been banned in children’s toys, but is still found in body cleansing products. It is known to be an endocrine disruptor, and very hard for the body to break down when used consistently during bath time.
– The main ingredient in candles and home sprays is formaldehyde, which is the number one cancer-causing chemical, and is what we get embalmed with at the morgue. They say inhaling scents from candles or sprays is equivalent to inhaling second-hand smoke, which is even more dangerous than actually smoking the cigarette itself.
– Store-bought household cleaning products contain 2-butoxyethanol, which is a toxin known to cause sore throat, narcosis, and severe liver and kidney damage.
– Store-bought laundry detergents and dryer sheets contain alpha-terpineol, benzyl alcohol, and camphor, which are all toxic ingredients that cause central nervous system disorders, loss of muscular coordination, central nervous system depression, headaches, nausea, and vomiting.
– Many baby products contain the listed ingredient “fragrance,” which is simply a broad category that hides hundreds of toxic chemicals behind that word itself. Companies are not required to reveal the actual chemicals that are within the “fragrance” category, hence keeping the public in the dark about the true toxicity of the products we use on our little ones.
– Women apply over 300 chemicals to their face and skin per day, including talc, bismuth, parabens, lead, mercury, and mineral oil. These chemicals are all found in store-bought skin care and makeup products, which can disrupt the endocrine system, are highly carcinogenic and have even been found in tumors.

When we use these products on ourselves and our children on a daily basis, the toxins build up and accumulate within our bodies – a process called “bioaccumulation.” This means that the more we expose ourselves to these toxins, the harder it is for our bodies to break them down. Because of this build-up, it causes both minor and major health issues, that otherwise could be prevented if we simply quit using those toxins. Even if these issues aren’t apparent right now, they will be apparent later on down the road.

What’s even scarier to know, is some of the most popular “organic” products can still contain some of the ingredients above. Even if you think you’re making a better decision about going organic instead of conventional, there is still a probability that your organic product is still highly toxic for yourself or your little ones. Don’t believe me? Visit the Environmental Working Group website at EWG, plug in the ingredients of your products, and see how high it is rated in toxicity. Or, download the “Think Dirty” app on your smartphone, and look at the toxicity levels. The results will shock you and will make you want to throw those products in the trash.

Now that I’ve effectively freaked you out, let me begin by saying there is NO JUDGEMENT HERE! I used to use those products all the time. But once I educated myself on the toxicity of what we are using in our home, and once we ditched and switched over to plant-based products, our lives changed forever, and my family experienced the perfect wellness that God always intended for us to have. And because we’ve seen such amazing changes, we felt it necessary to educate YOU on these invisible toxins in your home, too!

So, what can I use instead?
The only company we trust that has products with NONE of the chemicals listed above, that is even better than the “organic” label, and that only contains the purest of plant-based ingredients, is Young Living. While they are an essential oil company, they are also a fully-equipped natural products company. They have supplements, beauty products, household cleaning products, stuff for kids and babies, home purifiers, bath and shower products, oral care, and yes – even makeup! This makes it easy to simply ditch the products you’re currently using, and replace it with something Young Living has instead. It is your one-stop-shop for all things you will need for yourself, for your home, for your children, and for your health!

For over 21 years, Young Living has been the world leader in producing and guaranteeing 100% pure and potent therapeutic grade essential oils and plant-based products. They’ve got this standard called “Seed to Seal,” which places them in a category higher than any other company in the world. Basically, what “seed to seal” means, is from the time the seed of the plant is sourced, until it is put into an essential oil bottle or a plant-based product, Young Living applies the most rigorous quality controls possible to ensure that you are receiving the product exactly the way nature intended it to be. Simply put, the only thing inside the essential oil bottle is the plant itself – no additives, fillers, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, or dyes (which is NOT the same for store-bought essential oils, hence why other brands are dangerous and highly toxic). The same goes for all of their products – the only ingredients within the products are the ones listed on the label, and they are all plant-based. Not one single ingredient is synthetic, toxic, or chemically derived.

In fact, remember how we discussed how you can go to or the Think Dirty app to view the toxicity of the products you are using? Most products you are using, even the organic ones, have ingredients with levels that rank all the way up to a 10, 10 being the most toxic. With all of Young Living’s products, their ingredients have levels that rank nothing higher than a 1 or a 2. This goes to show and prove that there is no other company out there with safer, higher quality products – products that are also supporting your wellness, and not destroying it.

Yeah, but using natural and plant-based products can be expensive!
If this is what you think, then I am so glad you are here! Because I will quickly debunk those assumptions by showing you how you’re not only saving money using Young Living’s plant-based products, you’re saving your bodies, too. Even if Young Living doesn’t have a product you’re thinking of that is already pre-made, you can make it yourself using their essential oils, which will save you tons of money and prevent toxin exposure, too!

Let’s start shifting that paradigm, and thinking about the VALUE of taking care of your family. Have you ever heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” We can stop treating symptoms and start supporting systems by investing in our health, eliminating toxins and chemicals in our life, and flooding the body with nutrients and plant-based ingredients instead. While I am definitely NOT saying you should quit taking medications and going to the doctor (modern medicine is amazing and absolutely holds a vital place in this world), I am simply saying that there are essential oils and products you could be using that will support a healthy body and maintain a level of ultimate wellness.

5 Ways You Can Totally Afford Young Living Products
Some people have a misconception of thinking that using Young Living products in their homes and on their family is a new or added expense. WRONG! It’s not! Instead, what it is, is it’s a shift in spending. Everyone spends money on products every day, every month, every year – whether the products are good for you or not. With this route, instead of going to the store for all of your products, you are getting them from Young Living instead.

1) Get a Wholesale Membership!
This is the route that 99% of people go when they want to start using Young Living products. With this route, you get wholesale pricing on everything they have instead of retail pricing, which saves you 24% on every single item they’ve got! All you need to do is order a starter kit of your choice, or customize your own starter kit, and you’ll automatically get access to wholesale pricing on anything you want to try.

2) Get on Essential Rewards.
Another cool thing about Young Living, is they give cashback to frequent buyers. There is a super cool (and totally optional) program called Essential Rewards, which acts as a “monthly box” that you can customize and get shipped to you every month, filled with products you are needing for your family or in your home. Over time, you can earn up to 25% back in points for your orders, and those points you can use towards getting products for FREE. With Essential Rewards, you can also take advantage of the FREE monthly promotions that Young Living has, cheaper shipping options, and the option to cancel at any time. So, basically, Young Living pays you to order their products through this program. Name another store that will do that for you?! NONE!

This program also gives you a means of affordably ditching and switching, which can be a process to do. So, one month, you can order household cleaning products. The next month, you can order beauty products. The next month, you can order baby products, or supplements, or essential oils, or makeup, whatever you need – so on and so forth!

With all of these perks and benefits of the Essential Rewards program, it’s only a minimum of 50 PV in products for each monthly box, which can be the equivalent of $50. Now, before you think that’s a lot, it’s TOTALLY not! We all spend well over $50 a month on products every single month. All this is shifting that spending from the store to something natural instead. Even people with the most minimal budgets can do Essential Rewards!

3) Get FREE products with Young Living’s monthly promotions!
We briefly mentioned this above when talking about Essential Rewards, but let’s go into it in a little more depth. Young Living has this cool tradition, where they give away an assortment of products to members every month for FREE. For anyone who orders over a certain amount in a single order, Young Living will include some free products in the box for you. Normally, there are 3 different ordering tiers – 190, 250, or 300. If you order over any of those amounts in one single order, they will automatically include the FREE monthly products, which could add up to hundreds of dollars in stuff you didn’t have to pay for. Cool, huh?!

4) Create DIY products yourself.
Some people find even more ways to pinch pennies and reduce toxins in their homes by creating DIY products with Young Living’s essential oils and products. There are literally thousands upon thousands of recipes out there to create chemical-free options for yourself and your family. When you add Young Living’s essential oils to your DIY products, the powerful plant properties will add natural fragrance, be soothing to the skin, act as a natural purifying agent, and will support your overall health at the same time, all depending on what you’re making. Basically, adding oils to your DIY recipes will make them even better for you than if you didn’t add them at all!

5) Share Young Living with friends, get paid for their referral!
When we say Young Living literally pays you back, they not only do that when you order, they also do that whenever you refer friends. For every friend you refer to, if that friend creates a wholesale account and orders a Premium Starter Kit as you did, you can get $50. So, if you refer 3 friends to Young Living, it could pay you back for the Premium Starter Kit you initially purchased for yourself! Also, if you keep referring friends, it could get your monthly Essential Rewards orders paid for, too, that way you will NEVER pay for your products! Talk about a money saver! What other companies deposit cash in your bank account for referring friends? NONE!

Not sure of which products you want to ditch and switch? Let’s talk about them!
Since Young Living basically has everything you’d ever want or need when it comes to products for your health, home, or family, it can seem overwhelming at first. So let’s briefly break down some of these options for you, and you can decide for yourself which ones you are needing the most! All of these options are viewable online in your virtual office when you create your wholesale account, and can be seen in the product guide, too.

Essential Oils

young living PSK
Grab your kit & join our wellness community!
Essential oil is the immune system of a plant, and it works perfectly to support the human body, too. To extract these oils from their original plant material, they are distilled or cold-pressed, and then put into a bottle for our use. Young Living has hundreds of essential oils to choose from. But for those who are new to the oil world, Young Living has compiled a Premium Starter Kit with 11 of the most popular essential oils. This kit is perfect to get started on your oily journey, and exactly what you need to have in your wellness arsenal. This starter kit also contains a diffuser, which acts as your natural air freshener, your home purifier, your wellness supporter, and your emotions calmer.

You can use these essential oils in 3 different ways – aromatically, topically, and internally (the vitality oils). Depending on where you’re needing support depends on how you can use them – and don’t worry, it’s not rocket science! For example, if you’re needing support for healthy breathing, apply over your chest and throat, and inhale directly. If you’re needing digestive support, take the vitality oils internally to get the oils directly into the stomach and intestinal area. For skin support, apply to the desired areas. If you’re still confused about what to use and how simply look in a reference guide for details!

There are hundreds of uses for each essential oil in this starter kit, however, to give you an idea of some of their most popular uses, here’s a brief overview for you:

Lavender: Diffuse for a relaxing aroma, add to lotion to smooth the appearance of healthy skin.
Lemon: Add the vitality version to tea or water to support a healthy digestive system or diffuse the regular version to create an atmosphere that may promote mental clarity. You can also use it to remove sticky residue!
Peppermint: Add the vitality version to a gel capsule to promote healthy digestion, or diffuse the regular version for an invigorating scent. You can even combine a few drops of Peppermint with distilled water in a spray bottle for a cooling mist.
Frankincense: Add the vitality version to a gel capsule to promote healthy cellular function, or add the regular version to your favorite lotion to smooth the appearance of healthy skin. Diffuse Frankincense during times of meditation or to encourage emotional grounding.
Copaiba: Add the vitality version to a gel capsule to promote healthy digestion, or add the regular version to your favorite massage oil after a normal workout or long workday.
DiGize: Add the vitality version to a gel capsule to promote healthy digestion after a large meal.
Thieves: Add the vitality version to a gel capsule or beverage to promote overall wellness. This is the chosen blend added to Young Living’s cleaning products.
RC: Diffuse for an invigorating environment. Wonderful to diffuse during winter months for an aroma that brings feelings of warmth and comfort.
Panaway: Rub on topically after a day at the gym or a long day at work.
Purification: Place a drop on a cotton ball and insert into shoes to neutralize odors, diffuse to neutralize the air in your home, add a drop to your favorite lotion to smooth the appearance of healthy skin.
Stress Away: Diffuse to create a peaceful environment, diffuse for a relaxing aroma, add a drop to your clean hands and inhale after a long day at work.

Switching your household cleaning products over to the Thieves line is the perfect way to ditch the toxins and switch it with something that will not only cleanse and purify your home but support your wellness at the same time. There is also a Premium Starter Kit with the Thieves line to make your chemical-free journey easier as you start your new journey in using plant-based products.

OK, YES. I’m beyond ready. How do I get started?
To get started with a wholesale account, you can sign up online HERE.

Choose a Premium Starter Kit (with the Everyday Oils Collection, Thieves cleaning products, or Ningxia Red antioxidant drink), or you can get the Basic Starter Kit and add on additional products of your choice (skincare, supplements, Seedlings, KidScents, Savvy Minerals makeup, etc).

And don’t forget – get on Essential Rewards ASAP, so you can start getting rid of the toxic products in your home every month, and replace them with chemical-free Young Living options instead! You’ll have fun customizing your monthly box, saving money, earning points, and experiencing a new life of wellness, purpose, and abundance! You will also join our exclusive Facebook group and wellness community with natural health experts. Don’t wait, grab your kit and I will be in touch soon with ALL THE THINGS and our exclusive team resources!

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