3 Lifehacks to Make Getting Ready for Work in the Morning Easier. #WorkingWednesday

Getting ready for work in the morning is rarely easy. You have not only yourself to get ready, but your kids to get ready, lunches to make, shoes, coats, backpacks, last night’s homework, etcetera, etcetera… So, what is a busy Mom to do? I am giving you my 3 tips to make getting ready in the morning a little easier.

1. Do everything you can before you go to bed the night before. This means make lunches, set clothes out, put coats & backpacks by the door. I try my best to clean the kitchen every night so that I have a clean space to work off of in the morning. Makes EVERYTHING less stressful.

2. Don’t check your email or browse Facebook until you are COMPLETELY ready for the day, better yet-wait until you are actually AT THE OFFICE! If I check my phone and email first thing when I get up it moves my focus from getting my family ready to thinking about what I need to do at work that day. When I am not yet thinking about work, I still have brain space to finish my morning tasks at home. Try it and let me know if it helps you!

3. Establish your family routine. We have a weekday rule in our house–No playing or TV watching until you have eaten breakfast, got dressed, brushed your teeth & your coat, backpack & shoes are by the door. It really motivates our little ones that want to play for 15 minutes before school. What routine has worked for you and your family? Do you have specific tasks that you split with your husband? I want to know-tell me in the comments below!


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