From Fit to Flab & Back Again Since 1997. #trainraw

I’ve been a diet whore since I was 15. I’m always up to try new healthy eating plans and fitness routines. You would think that by now I would be the next Ashley Horner

I am a health and fitness guru. I am the smartest person when it comes to what I should eat to be as fit and healthy as possible.  I know what fitness training plan to follow and even what supplements I should take to lose the maximum amount of fat. But guess what? Since I started caring about my body in 1997 when I was 15 it has been a roller coaster mess of fit to flab and back again.  

 You might be reading this, looking at my photo thinking, “What the heck? Rosie is a size 6, what is she complaining about?” Im not complaining about my body. I’m telling you that I’ve been on a roller coaster of body weight and I’m tired of it. I know what to do. I know I  capable of being even healthier than I am now. I know I am capable of being fitter, stronger, and YES…thinner. 

So, do you know what’s missing? Why haven’t I been able to reach my health and fitness goals? 

It all comes down to… self discipline. That’s it. I have not been practicing self-discipline the way I should in order to reach my goals. So why am I admitting this to you, my readers? Because I want to be accountable to you and show you that if I can master self-discipline, then so can you!

So here it is. This week I embarked on a challenge inspired by my Trainer Crystal. Crystal is amazingly inspiring.  She challenged me to honestly ask myself WHY I wanted to change my habits and what it would take for me to get there. So I did. I wrote down 3 reasons why I want to add extra workouts into my routine and also change my eating habits. 

1. I want to master self-discipline.

2. I want to practice self-care because I know it turns on my Husband.

3. I want to be an example of consistent health to my friends and family.

Then I wrote down what needs to change to make these things happen:

  • Stop mindlessly eating 
  • Pre-plan all meals
  • Add 2 workouts per week (I’ve only had 2 scheduled workouts per week since this October ’14)
  • Set weekly goals and 30-60-90 day goals

I am 5′ 2″ tall and my current weight is 139 lbs. Right now I wear a small/medium in a shirt size and I am a size 6 jeans.

 30-60-90 Day Goals:

  • 130 lbs by May 15th
  • 125 by June 15th
  • 120 by July 13th

I am going to take my measurements this week and will post an update at each monthly goal to keep you updated. If you are still reading this, thank you. If you know you can do better in just one area in your life, tell me in the comments below and we can cheer each other on!


P.S. Thank you Crystal!

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    • Ashlee
    • April 23, 2015

    No little cheats on my meal plan.

      • Ashlee
      • April 23, 2015

      Cheating is cheating and I have to remember that.

      1. Reply

        Same here, Ashlee! Thanks for your comment.

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