Do You Have A Rad Dad In Your Life?

Happy Dad’s Day to all the Guys out there with kids! I am proud of my husband for the Rad Dad that he is. To me, a Rad Dad has unique qualities.

A Rad Dad mows the lawn, does the dishes and changes diapers. All in one night.

A Rad Dad picks up from daycare after working hard all day and then starts dinner when he gets home before Mom.

A Rad Dad teaches his children about God and how to have fun in life.

A Rad Dad will pour his wife a glass of wine and rub her feet after the kids are in bed.

My husband is totally a Rad Dad. He does most of those things, most of the time. I made a 1-minute video so our boys and I could tell him in a fun way. I hope you’ll watch it!

Watch it here:


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