Days: 5, 6 & 7, I know, I know…I’m late!

So this week got a little busy with a sick husband, baby getting over the sickness, baseball practice, swim lessons. You get my drift. So here is my catch up post for my March blog challenge inspired by Fabulous Finds by Tiffany. Not wasting any time, here we go… 🙂

Day 5: Favorite Movies You Never Get Sick of Watching. I could watch Charlie & The Chocolate Factory everyday. I loved it when I was little and now I'm so happy our boys like it too. Music, Oompa Loompas, and candy. What more could you ask for? Other movies I like are A Few Good Men, Hoosiers and of course, The Sound of Music.

Day 6: Your Last Random Act of Kindness. This is one of these questions where you read it and think, Oh gosh I hope I've done something sweet lately! And thankfully, I have! 🙂 My random act of kindness is one that I know every Wife, Girlfriend and Mom does all the time–>Takes care of everyone else! I'm not writing this to toot my own horn. I'm writing this because I want to commend all the women out there that take care of your family every day, while putting them first and yourself last. THAT is an act of kindness that usually goes unnoticed. Even when you are tired from working all day, you come home and cook dinner, chauffeur to swimming and then facilitate the bedtime routine. Way to go to all of you fabulous women for you random acts of kindness! What was your last random act of kindness?

Day 7: My Dream Job Dream job, huh. This one is tough because I have so many interests. I love marketing, which is what I do now. And in a way, marketing fulfills my ultimate passion, Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams. You could say that any job, when you work for someone other than yourself, is helping others achieve their dreams. But I'm talking about really encouraging, inspiring, and helping others develop their passions. So, I haven't figured out exactly what my dream job is yet, but when I do, you'll be the first to know!

Thank you for reading 3 days in 1 tonight. Please tell me what your dream job, fave movies and acts of kindness are in the comments!



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