Days 10,11,12,13,14: Routines, Regrets and Talk Radio #31DayBlogChallenge

I am a bit behind in my 31 Day Blog Challenge from Baton Rouge bloggerwpid-Photo-Mar-3-2013-930-PM.jpg, Fabulous Finds By Tiffany. So here are the last 5 days.

Day 10: My Daily Routine. My daily routine is pretty normal. Wake up, get myself and kids ready (along with Husband’s amazing help!), breakfast, go to work. We have a sitter that comes over for the baby and the Husband takes the kids to school. After work, we have dinner, then swim lessons or baseball practice. Bedtime at 8pm for the kids and usually about 11pm for me and the Husband. It is like this most days. Works very well for us. Although, there are days that a wrench is thrown in the routine and we need to be flexible, which is something that we are used to having 4 boys!

Day 11: The Last Books(s) I Have Read. I am always reading books. I have been reading , French Kids Eat Everything and The 4 Hour Work Week most recently. I highly recommend both.

Day 12: Something I Miss. I miss my sister that lives in Long Beach, California and I miss my friends from college. The ones that live in another state or country. Now that we all have babies, jobs and Husbands, it is a lot harder to see each other as much as we would like. Although, I am thankful for iphones and Skype.

Day 13: Regret. This answer is simple and complicated at the same time. I am faaaaaar from perfect and have more regrets than I can count. I think one of my top regrets is not taking advantage of my college education to the max. I could have studied harder, read more and learned more. When I look back in hindsight and see what more I could have been doing and how it would have helped me today I just want to kick myself!

Day 14: What’s On The iPod? I don’t use an iPod. I listen to talk radio in the car. My Husband is the music guy. He has great taste in music so I listen to music when we are in the car together and at home.


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