Day 1: Self-Portrait & 5 Random Facts About Me #31DayMarch

So, beginning today you will not see my typical posts. I am participating in a 31 day blog challenge created by a blog I follow in Baton Rouge, Fabulous Finds By Tiffany. I thought since I am still relatively new to the blogging community, just a couple years now, and I have only recently gained more readers, I want you to get to know me a little better. And I hope I can get to know you. So…when I post about myself each day in March, I am hoping that you will comment on that post with the same information about YOU. Then we can get to know each other. Sound good?

    Day 1: A Self-Portrait and 5 Random Facts About Me.

1. I only read non-fiction books.
2. I never set an alarm clock. Are you kidding me? With 4 boys in the house, one of them is bound to wake me up.
3. Even though I haven’t been lately, I LOVE running.
4. I have this weird thing then I read where I see the “holes” in words. For example, an ‘o’, a ‘P’ and a ‘b’ all have “holes.” A ‘l’, a ‘t’ and an ‘E’ do not. Get it? Yeah I know, what’s wrong with me? I’ve been doing it since I could read.
5. I secretly (well, not so secret now) want to sing in a musical again someday.
And here’s my self-portrait…


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