Brain Rules for Baby:How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five {#bookreview}


I was given a copy of Brain Rules for Baby:How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five by John Medina by Annie Wright Schools after being invited to an event he was speaking at ( So sad I couldn’t attend!) I began to make a million lists. Like I do when my brain gets going on something I want to accomplish. I currently have a 6 month old and am beginning to tackle the suggestions from this book. Brain Rules for Baby is a smart, well-researched read on raising a child with empathy. It is a wealth of ideas for helping your child relate well to others, verbalize emotions and generally be a smart, happy and well rounded. I also learned more about not only being a better parent, but a better person! This book is full of funny stories and practical examples of raising your children with empathy, how to label emotions and behold firm discipline in a loving way. I love all the parts about developing safe and secure feelings for baby which enables an awesome learning environment. And it all starts with pregnancy and marriage! It really is filled with ways to develop a better family life, not just raising your child.

I like what John Medina says in the back of his book, “Parenting is so on the right side of worth it!” And he is right. It is challenging, tiring, confusing…but ALWAYS worth it! Go buy the book–better yet, click on the link in my “What I’m Reading” box in the sidebar to read more about it and purchase on Amazon!


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