A Girl’s Guide to Sex, Relationships and Growing Up. 

In this book, Spare Me “The Talk”!” A Girl’s Guide to Sex, Relationships and Growing Up, Jo Langford M. A. discusses everything from sexually transmitted infections to personal relationships, even online safety including gaming, porn, sexting and social networking. Langford describes and explains girl parts, boy parts, puberty and body image. He offers girls advice for many real-life dating situations. It is essentially a comprehensive crash course for girls in staying safe – emotionally, mentally and physically.
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While I didn’t agree with every one of Langford’s statements, I would recommend this book to girls and their parents. Here is just a sampling of topics from the book that resonated with me:

::: “Social media is meant to pass the time, not fill it.” It is important to have balance with school, after-school activities, friends, family and screen-time. 

::: Low-self esteem can interfere with good decision making. Langford gives girls many ways to improve their self-esteem. I would also encourage parents to communicate with your daughters and ask them how they feel about themselves and how they perceive others feel about them.

::: “Respect, relationship and reciprocation. Sexual morality is not about when you are allowed to have sex, it is about how you treat people when you are in sexual contact with them.” I liked what Langford wrote about choosing to indulge in sex, abstinence or virginity. For all the reasons there are to have sex, there are just as many reasons not to. Our spiritual beliefs, family upbringing, our own sense of responsibility and more, all contribute to our decision to decide when and how to express our sexuality. He encourages girls to become clear on wants, needs, values and boundaries. This helps girls be solid in their choices which helps maintain them when faced with a compromising situation.

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