6 Rules For Finding Your Perfect Holiday Dress, with Stylist Rebecca Dashow!

I never know what to wear to my annual company holiday party or festive fundraiser. My husband says it wouldn't be a night out if I knew what I was wearing more than an hour before our event starts. So, I asked Rebecca, my go-to stylist, for some help with holiday dresses. Visit Rebecca's complete, “Tis the season for dresses,” look book. (Follow this link) Thanks Rebecca! -Rosie

Hi all! I am so grateful and thrilled to be doing a post for Miss Rosie on www.TacomaWorkingMom.com today. It is always so fun to have the honor to write a bit or bob for someone else and their fabulous blog.

I wanted to discuss dresses, glorious dresses! I know many people say “I can't wear a dress!” I say “BOOOOOOO,” to that. Even if my selections in this post do not tickle your fancy there is a dress out there for everyone I promise. In my 10 years helping women get dressed I have found a dress for some of the biggest dress naysayers.

My simple rules for finding the perfect dress and feeling like a queen for the evening. Remember the holiday season is festive and fun, and what better way to celebrate then with a girly, lace, or sophisticated bit of sparkle?

My top 6 rules for finding your perfect dress.

1. Act like a queen for a day. Yes adopt an attitude of queen, superstar, flirt or whatever gets you in the mood. My rule of thumb if I am scared to try something new, “fake it till you make it.” SO buckle up sister, turn on that attitude and go shop.

2. Take a trusted friend along, hire a stylist, or ask for a free personal shopper at the stores you are visiting. I know that Nordstrom, JCrew, and Anthropologie all offer this free service.

3. Find the right fit. If you do not love it in the store you will not love it when you get home. A dress should show off all the right assets. It should not be snug and whisker at the hip, and you should be able to breathe. Read rule #2 if you need help.

4. If you are a new dress shopper go to a place where there are many stores in one location, so you can easily get to different places at once. You can also hold a dress at one store while you continue your search. This also goes back to #3, do not go home with the wrong dress. Having a dozen or so shops to choose from also will help non-dress buyers figure out what you like on your frame.

5. Start slow, if you are a newbie it may be better to go with a sophisticated gray or black dress instead of hopping into fire engine red. You can always throw in your color with accessories and shoes.

6. Lastly, if you are a dress gal maybe you need a break girlie. Why not search for fun accessories this year. A sparkle shoe for your LBD's? I love to pop my neutral dresses with a big statement necklace, a pop of color clutch, or even a cool head band or sparkle pins.

Okay so “ready, set go!” I have faith in you, with these simple steps I know even the most dress phobic can find the right dress to make the season pop. As always if you have questions you can find me at www.RebeccaDashow.com. I will be rooting for you, my holiday queen.



Thank you Rebecca! -Rosie

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