5 Ways To Get Your Sexy Back After Kids! #mommymonday

After two babies, my body is not what it used to be. (To clarify, we DO have 4 boys, but only 2 came from these hips, I wear a StepMom hat. 🙂 ) My body was never a replica of Carmen Electra, but at one point in my life I could probably wear anything I wanted and would feel great in it.  Now I contemplate trading in one of my pinky toes for a flat tummy with no pooch and stretch marks on the black market. Is that an option? But seriously. Body image is a crazy thing for us women, especially after children. Turning 30 last year was exciting for me! I felt like it was a turning point into maturity and confidence. It is really true what they say that as women age

This is me 8 months preggo last year. By the way, pregnant women ARE sexy women, too!
This is me 8 months preggo last year with my sisters.       By the way, pregnant women ARE sexy women, too!

we learn more about ourselves and feel sexier. I feel good about myself and want to be a strong, healthy example for my family. And I want to be sexy! In a non-trashy, smart, confident way. Because being confident IS sexy. So hold your chin up, shoulders back, tuck your pelvis in and SMILE! Oh and follow these rules below, that’s what I’m trying to do anyway!

1. SHOW OFF YOUR BEAUTIFUL SMILE! A happy girl is a sexy girl. It’s true. Look others in the eye, be confident and true to yourself and your feelings. My Mom and Dad used to tell me that I was smiling through my eyes because they would sparkle. Be that girl with smiling eyes!

2. STRIVE TO BE HEALTHY! Be a food snob. I’ve never been a picky eater. That’s a good and bad thing. I’ll  try anything once. Not a good thing a few years ago when I tried uni at a sushi restaurant. Blech! But being a food snob can be a good thing when you choose to eat only healthy, non-processed foods that are ‘clean.’ I’ve chosen to eat organic chicken which tastes better anyway. Oh and I am trying to eat the rainbow everyday. Lots of brightly colored fruits and veggies! We just need to make healthy choices and take care of ourselves by what we put into our mouth.

3. BUY FUN FASHION! It would be really easy for me to wear leggings everyday. But I want to be sexy. So I don’t just wear long tees or sweaters with leggings on the weekends. So know what I did? I went to H & M and bought leather leggings. Yes, LEATHER LEGGINGS! I feel sexy in them and I still get my leggings. 😉

4. TALK TO YOURSELF! Be a positive person. It is not healthy to say to yourself, “Ugh, I’m so ugly.” or “Why am I so fat?” Instead, be positive and say “What can I do to feel good about my body today?” and “I am a sexy, confident woman and I love myself enough to take care of my body!”

5. THROW AWAY YOUR VICTORIA SECRET CATALOG! Every woman is different. And most of us are not airbrushed, groomed by others daily, have personal chefs and don’t get paid to be the most beautiful woman in the world. And you know what? Comparing ourselves to others is not good for bringing our sexy back. Sexy is not perfect. Sexy is confident. Sexy is sweet. Sexy is a smile and a healthy choice to take care of our body. So be that girl and bring your sexy back!


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