2 Easy Ways To Connect with Your Kids Today.

One of my family goals in 2017 is to be intentional with family time. As a working Mom, I have to be intentional about creating quality time. Here are two easy ways to do that.
1. Turn your interests into your kids interests. And vice versa. I have been going to an adults only gym for years. We recently got a family membership at the YMCA. Now when I go to the gym in the evening my boys go with me. I find an empty group exercise room and go in there with my 4 year old. He mimicks burpees and squats while I do my EMOMs. You can also turn your craft, cooking, building, reading, whatever activities into something you can do as a family to have more time together. Just invite them to join in with you! My 10 year old is interested in investments now because of my love for personal finance!

2. Put your phone down. I make it a point to put my phone down when my 4 year old walks in my bedroom in the morning. I don’t want the first thing he sees of me to be checking my email. We need to be good examples of what we want to see in our kids and I don’t want them to be addicted to the screen so I shouldn’t be either. This makes you more inviting when they have a question, which results in quality conversations and time.

Enjoy your weekend with your family!


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