5 Reasons I Love Having A Whole Foods in Tacoma.

Yes! A Whole Foods in Tacoma! Okay, so technically the new Whole Foods is in University Place (Chambers Bay). But really, really close to Tacoma. Like 5 minutes.  

That is me, my son Dylan and Ruthy from discoverystreet.net.

I got a sneak peak tour on Tuesday, May 5th to see the new store. I discovered 5 reasons why I will LOVE having a Whole Foods close by. 

1. Having a juice bar that opens at 6am. Can you say hangover cure? 😉

2. Organic milk at the coffee bar. Always. And if I want an almond milk in my latte, they have milk alternatives. For free. Whaaat? 

3. High-quality, locally sourced produce. Sure other grocers have local produce, however at Whole Foods local farmers still come to the back soot and sell their produce right then and there each morning. How cool is that?

4. A new date night spot! With the Whole Foods Lumberyard eatery, my husband and I can share a wood-fired pizza with organic dough and a glass of wine.

5. Grab and go dinner options. As a busy Mom it’s so nice to be able to pick up dinner once in a while and know it’s high-quality, fresh ingredients.

The official grand opening is Thursday, May 7th at 9am, with a bread baking ceremony at 8:30am with local officials and Whole Food’s staff. The first 75 visitors to the store on May 7th will receive a Whole Foods market gift card with a mystery amount between $10 and $100. 

If you go visit the store this weekend pleaser leave a comment and tell me what you thought and why you are excited to have a Whole Foods in the neighborhood!


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