There are so many things on your to-do list, I am sure of it. I know because I’m a working Mom and my to-do list is never ending. If you are reading this, then you are most likely a working Mom as well, or at least a working woman with a to-do list. I thought I should write about my to-don’t list as we end the month of April and move into spring cleaning mode. Spring is a good time to clean out bad habits and begin new and improved habits. I try to keep the next few to-don’t items in my mind as they help me keep my mins clear and remain productive and optimistic about business and family life.

To-Don’t #1: Being Non-Responsive
It is important to respond to emails, phone calls and text messages in a timely manner. I like to apply the Golden Rule to any situation, “Do unto others as you would have them so into you.” If you believe this way, just think about how it makes you feel when you don’t hear back from a friend or client in a reasonable amount of time. P.S. If you read an email or text, and then think to yourself that you will respond later you may forget. Try to respond right away or wait to read it until you can quickly respond so that you won’t forget about it.

To-Don’t #2: Saying Yes All The Time
If you have the quality of being able to tell others no, then you are blessed. Most women try to over extend themselves to please everyone around them. This leaves her feeling stressed, worn out and even remorseful. Don’t be THAT woman. Be strong. Take care of yourself first so that you will have energy to take care if others and the tasks at hand. Don’t double book your schedule, especially when you have children. Say no if you really don’t have time to join that committee or volunteer for the after-school program. The bottom line here is that if you keep your priorities straight, then you will always know whether or not to say yes or no, and understand that it is OKAY to say no.

To-Don’t #3: Forget The Details
Forgetting to take the trash out on garbage day is one thing, forgetting your clients birthday is another. It is important to write down important dates as soon as you hear about them. I put EVERYTHING in my calendar. If I don’t write something down, I am bound to forget it. Remembering events and details about your friends, family, clients and vendors will not only impress them but will make you feel good too.

Being mindful of these three to-don’ts will help you succeed and maintain your integrity in your mom life, wife life and work life. They will also help you to be more productive and welcome spring with open arms!


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