3 Ways To Be The Boss + Calm & Happy

We live crazy, busy lives. Many moms report that the daily tasks that irritate them most involve catering to family members’ needs. “Resist taking the roles of Sherpa, butler, crabby concierge, short-order cook, talent agent, and hospital staffer wiping the bottom of people old enough to do it themselves,” says expert, Dr. Mogul. For me, the second one hits home. These tips are from the September 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

Here are 3 ways to be the boss and lay down the law:

1. Don’t snap to attention every time someone makes a demand.
“Kids aren’t hothouse flowers; they’re hardy perennials,” Dr.Mogul points out. “Let them be cold, wet, or hungry for more than a second and they’ll appreciate the chance to be warm, dry, and fed.”

2. Assign a task the next time you feel mommy-martyrdom creeping in.
“It’s the worst to feel resentful,” says Dr. Atkins. Annoyed that no one sees that stuff on the stairs except you? Don’t sigh dramatically as you haul it off-delegate the job to someone else.

3. When that doesn’t work, practice selective perfectionism.
“Deal with the one or two things that big you most and force yourself to let everything go,” says Parents advisor Alice Domar, Ph.D., author of Live a Little: Breaking the Rules Won’t Break Your Health.

Here’s to happiness! Let me know how you stay calm in your life!


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