3 Ways To Be A Selfish Wife {and what I learned this week}

We all know know men and women are different. We communicate our wants and needs in completely different ways. We express our love in our own way, a way that our husband may or may not receive it. After being married for several years, I have learned the best ways that my husband receives my love and respect. But this past week I didn't follow my own instincts.

Mariner's Date Night!

This past week, I learned 3 ways to be a selfish wife. I was a really good selfish wife too. I hope you will read through these examples and learn from my mistakes. For the sake of energizing your own marriage. My hope is that you will be encouraged and inspired, just as I am as I write this. But if you WANT to be a selfish wife, follow these 3 steps.

1. Don't trust your husband. Trust is at the core of every intimate relationship. When our spouse does something to lose our trust…we must forgive, trust and build up our house again. It is important to allow your husband to regain your trust and not throw past mistakes in his face.

2. Don't appreciate the little things he does. I was definitely not appreciative this week. My husband does so much around our house (it takes two evenings to mow our lawn!) as well as so helpful with our boys and providing for our family. He is also an active volunteer in our community, stays in shape and cooks dinner half the time! Man, writing this makes me want to go give him a hug and a kiss right now. 🙂 Whatever your husband does for you and your family, make sure you communicate your appreciation for him. Husbands need to hear it.

3. Don't have sex with him. Some weeks it's easy to get busy, fall asleep early and not make “it” a priority. Men truly need sex, it's in their chromosomes. I want to be pursued. I want candles lit. I want spontaneous. We all know these are all lovely things. But then I heard it in the back of my mind, “Newsflash Rosie, it' not all about you!” And it's true. Our husbands need to know we care about intimacy. We care about their needs and being close. Come on, JUST DO IT. It's good for you and it keeps you healthy.

My goal this weekend is to practice being an unselfish wife. Will you join me?



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    Great post! I’m going to follow your example and try NOT to be a selfish wife this week.

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    What a great post. Sometimes it is very easy to slide into some bad habits. Marriage is the most rewarding work we can do!

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