3 Ways To Adapt Well When Life Happens #MommyMonday

Life Happens

I am a planner. I like to make lists and I enjoy knowing what is going to happen. When something doesn’t go as planned, I get frustrated and stressed easily. I want to be better at adapting to change and being more flexible. My husband knows this and is so sweet to try and keep our schedule on track and stick with the “plan,” probably because he knows I can stress out easily (thank you honey!). One of my mini-goals right now is to get more sleep. This helps me adapt to change better because I am not a cranky, crazy person as tired thus I have a better attitude. I think another reason it is hard for me to adapt to change sometimes is because I like to be in control. When something upsets my ‘plan” unexpectedly it is tougher for me to get back on track and adapt because I am not in control of the situation. A couple weeks ago, it dawned on me that I really only have two options when life happens. I can freak out or I can adapt. Taking a deep breath, keeping my mouth shut and rolling with the punches will make it easier to adapt than acting like a crazy person when life happens. We have a blended family with four boys and two parents that work full-time. Believe me. LIFE. HAPPENS. With the kids going back to school this fall life might just become a little crazier for all of us, join me and use the principles below to be a parent that adapts to life well. Life Happens

1. It’s okay to be angry, frustrated and disappointed. It’s not okay to yell at your husband or kids because you are angry, frustrated and disappointed. If we acknowledge that our plan is crumbling, our feelings will be validated so we can move past the feelings of disappointment quicker.

2. Remember the reason for the “plan.” Chances are, the end result is the most important thing, not the means of getting there. Just because the means is messed up, doesn’t mean the end result has to be. Let’s try to focus on the reason we want the end result and adapt to the new way of getting there.

3. Drink lemonade! We all know that when life gives us lemons, what are we supposed to do? Drink lemonade of course! How sad that I have been stressing on the mediocre problems of life when I could be enjoying my husband and kids. When we focus on the positive, we are teaching our children to adapt well and become better adults. Isn’t that the master plan anyway?

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Do you have one thing that stresses you out more than anything? Use these 3 ways to adapt to change well and let me know if you did and how it helped you! Happy Mommy Monday!


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