3 Ways To Practice Gratitude Today+ A New Sponsor! #workingwednesday

Being grateful is so very important to me. I want to show gratitude for everything that I have. I want to always be humble, kind and thoughtful. When I think about ways to express gratitude I think about how I will be an example to my family and friends plus show them how much I appreciate them. I have done some research and came up with 3 ways to practice gratitude in my own life. I hope you will try one or two of these ways and tell me how it made you feel!

1. Write a gratitude letter. This is something that I think about all the time. The idea is to write a letter and send it to someone who has a made a big impact on your life. Tell that person why you are grateful for what they taught you, or showed you through their example. It is important to express our appreciation for the people who mean something to us. We can’t assume they already know. Think on this–> Actually VISIT the person you are grateful for. IN PERSON. And present the letter to them, read it out loud. It may just change their life. Or yours.
2. Practice Mindfulness. When we appreciate the precise moment that we are experiencing it really impresses gratefulness in our hearts. Instead of watching the TV or the phone, we move from the couch to the floor to play with our children. We listen to their story instead of just saying, “uh-huh.” Listen to the birds, smell the roses and feel your spouse’s hand (or body!) and take it all in to really appreciate the moment!

3. Create a gratitude board. I haven’t done this yet, but I am going to. Go buy a pack of post-it notes and a tack board. Put it somewhere that your whole family will see it. Make it a point to have everyone in your family write something they are grateful for on a post-it and stick it on the board, or even an empty wall! Do this once a week and see how many awesome things are in your life that you are grateful for!

You know what I am grateful for today? A new sponsor! Thanks to Pacific Northwest Eye Associates for becoming a new sponsor of TWM! I hope my readers will visit the PNW Eye website and check out all they have to offer for vision care. I actually just picked up my sister’s contacts for her at their office in Tacoma and it’s beautiful! Tell me in the comments below what you are grateful for today!


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