3 Reasons to Attend the Tacoma Leaders Event on March 24th, 2015 #TACOMASTRONG

If you read my blog, there’s a chance you are a businesswoman. And if you live in or near Tacoma then I want to encourage you to attend this event next week! 

The Cross District Association is putting on a series of events, exclusively for Tacoma business leaders. It’s not just for women either. ALL leaders, men and women, are invited.

3 Reasons To Attend 

1. Top Tacoma business leaders will share strategies for a thriving business and specifically, how to thrive in the Tacoma market. 

2. Unite with local leaders and business owners to share ideas, learn from each other and create a strong support group to network.

3. All proceeds from the event will go to support Tacoma’s business districts!

Don’t miss the first seminar to launch the series. Find out who the speakers are and REGISTER HERE



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