3 Moves To A Better Booty #TacomaWorkingMomTV, Ep.9

We all want a better booty to fit into our skinny jeans. This week on the show, Jesse Ewell, the owner of Innovative Fitness, a cutting edge facility in Fircrest and Gig Harbor, WA shows us how to get a better booty AT HOME!

On the show, Jesse talks about “resistance bands” to use during move #3. Here’s the LINK to buy them on Amazon for just $2.75 brand new. You can usually find them for $2.50 used, too!

Exercise Mini Bands: (9 x 2″ Loop) Green

Visit www.innovativefitnessllc.com to learn more about Jesse’s group training classes, personal training and see the class schedule. I know from experience that Innovative Fitness has a dedicated team of trainers that commit to YOUR BEST SELF! My husband has been training at Innovative for several years now. I have to say I DEFINITELY notice a difference in his booty, thanks Jason! (my husband’s trainer!)

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