3 Blogs You Should Be Reading if You Are a Woman. 

If you are anything like me, you have a variety of interests making it hard for your brain to keep up sometimes. I just want to soak in all the knowledge that I can and that is hard to do while balancing family, career and making time for myself. Another reason I need content that has been created or curated by someone else.

I’ve put together a short list of content-heavy blogs I believe are worth reading. In fact, they are weekly reads for me. Please comment below with your fave informational blog!


The ultimate know-it-all blog with lots of contributors writing about money, career, home and family. All the details you’ll need whether you have a 401k or a house-cleaning question!


Full of real-Mom interviews, career advice, company profiles and information on professional development.


Ellen Fondiler is a business strategist and her blog is full of ideas and ambition. She offers an interview style Q & A format in most blog posts. After reading a short while on her site I always come away inspired and have new ideas floating around in my head. 

Tell me about the blogs you like to follow and if you end up checking out the three I recommend – please tell me what you think!

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