10 Mom & Kid Friendly Family Date Ideas

With four boys, full time jobs, volunteering and extracurricular activities most days are loooong. But I do know that these precious years with our young boys are short. And I want to take advantage of these special years. Here are a few ideas of dates, projects and thrills to do with your child. Most are inexpensive or free. Have fun!

1. Watch your home movies. Kids love seeing themselves on film and you'll love seeing them with their cute little smiles.

I found this gardening book at Giraffe, in Tacoma's Theater District.

2. Play an outdoor sport together. Go to the park and play football, baseball or kick the can. Play catch. Take a walk.

3. Make a time capsule. Preserve that special car your boy loved all through his 2nd year of life. Include artwork, report cards and movie stubs. Even printout a copy of your current Facebook page. Just don't bury it. Place it in a storage box with a grand opening date of 25 years from now.

4. Plant something. Go to your local garden shop to find out what to plant in season.

5. Visit the places where you grew up. Show your kids your schools, homes and places you ate and played.

6. Go on a date with one child at a time. No siblings allowed.

7. Get dressed up and go to a play or concert. We went to a holiday variety show this past Christmas season and it was very special and entertaining!

8. Make up a song. No need to write the music. Just us the melody of a song you know and change the words.

9. Go camping. I've never done this so it's definitely on my bucket list.

10. Spend a weekend unplugged from TVs, computers, tablets and games. You can do it! I promise. Let me know what other ideas you have for parent and kid approved date ideas.


Some of these ideas were found in Real Simple Family 2012.


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  1. Some great ideas there! We’ve just started camping and I’m definitely still learning how to do it, but the kids love it.

    Stopping by from SITS.

    1. Reply

      Camping is on the list for the summer. I need to find a good camping checklist. Thank you for coming by!

  2. Reply

    Fun ideas! We also like to cook together sometimes. Maybe just homemade pizzas or cookies, but it is still fun!

    Stopping by from SITS

    1. Reply

      Thank you for stopping by Heather!

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