10 Days of Real Food: Today is Day 10!

I did it! I set out to eat real food for 10 days and I made it to the 10th day, with almost no mistakes! It was challenging, especially when I was cooking for my family and then my husband went out of town and I had my boys at home, including my newborn, which made it difficult to go to the store. One night for dinner I ate a banana, an avocado, and honey whole wheat toast with organic butter and cinnamon. It was humbling, yet delicious. And I felt so much better after a day of putting clean, real food into my body. I suggest everyone try it, it’s ONLY 10 days. See how you feel, journal your thoughts, cravings, and recipes. I am going to keep it up, as soon as I get to the grocery store to stock the fridge! I was looking for ideas on new recipes so I can make my grocery list and asked friends on Facebook and here is what they said were their favorite ‘real food’ blogs, along with a few of my own: (photo credit)

Kath Eats Real Food, Oh She Glows, Sweet Tater Blog, For The Glow, Clean Eating Magazine, 100 Days of Real Food, Simple Homemade and The Nourishing Home.    

What are your go-to websites for clean, real, natural and organic recipes and ideas? Post in the comments below!


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    • chris
    • June 28, 2012


    i just came upon this blog and find it interesting…

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