Why Tacoma Business is Important + Party World, a New Sponsor! #workingwednesday

Tacoma business is important to me. Spending my money locally is important to me. When I spend my dollar with local business owners I know I'm helping my fellow gritty Tacomans. Did you know that 68% of every dollar spent locally stays within our local community? GoLocal encourages us to Shift our Shopping. This means to shift from big box stores to small, locally owned businesses. It’s a shift in the way we think. It’s a shift in the way we do business. It’s a shift in the way we relate, eat, drink, buy, spend, communicate and build the future of our community.

Buying locally WILL strengthen our Tacoma economy, it will allow us to invest in our community and reduce our environmental impact. Many times we will receive better service with a small, locally owned business. And, we can put our taxes to good use. Local businesses require comparatively little infrastructure investment and make more efficient use of public services as compared to nationally owned stores entering the community.

Here's a Few Ways I Buy Local in Tacoma: I buy a lot of our produce at the farmers market or Harbor Greens, my milk & cheese from Smith Brothers, sports equipment at Playback Sports and my clothes at Megs and Mo's in the Proctor District.

Thank you to my new blog sponsor, a locally owned Tacoma business, Party World! If you are having a party, PLEASE visit their store on Center Street or their website at www.partywedding.com and support local business.

This post is sponsored by Party World. Party World is a family-owned store for your party and wedding needs since 1979. The party store is in Tacoma, WA. Order from the huge warehouse via a secure shopping cart. See a huge selection of Theme and Birthday Party Supplies for your big celebration of the coming season. Shop for your Wedding Decorations and Accessories, as well as Bridal Shower, Engagement Party and Bachelorette supplies. Plus, you can also order anniversary, baby shower, luau, kids parties, western, fiesta, and much more in decorations, favors, invitations, pinatas and balloons.



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