What’s Your Passion? It’s #WorkingWednesday!


What’s your passion? I met a new friend this week, her name is Marguerite. She is a Tacoma real estate agent. I’m not sure I spelled her name right, which is why she named herself “The Sky Diving Agent.” Because she wasn’t sure her clients would know how to say her name. I’m not going to try to spell her last name, but it starts with a G. That’s all you need to know.

I can tell she is passionate about her work. And the people she works with. Ms. Marguerite loves working in real estate, marketing her business and meeting REAL Tacoma people.

Which brings me to this: Are you passionate about your work? I hope so! We spend so much of our life working that it really should be something we love to do, not just a paycheck. I love marketing. I am fortunate to have a full-time marketing job. Plus, I assist at KLAY 1180 AM, Tacoma’s news/talk/sports radio station. Both of these things are what I am passionate about. I believe that we create our own opportunities (along with God!) and need to work hard to develop our passions. One reason I created TacomaWorkingMom TV is because I wanted to become a better interviewer and host. The only way to gain experience is to JUST. DO. IT.

I hope that you find your passion and don’t stop until you achieve that goal, land your dream job or become the best whatever it is you want to be!


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