TacomaWorkingMom.com Blog Launch!

As summer ended and I finished the back-end design for TacomaWorkingMom.com I knew September 1st was a good day for my blog launch. Being it is the first day of school for our kids and a new chapter for our family. New commitments. New beginnings. My firstborn started kindergarten today. I kept cool until I got in my car to drive to work, then the emotions started in. It was a bittersweet feeling as we begin this new chapter.

Being a Tacoma working Mom is not easy. Juggling Wife life, Mom life and Work life, I try to do it in that order, is not an easy task. Putting my family first is what I strive for. My Husband and our children are my passion. But I have to admit I have another growing love. That is my work. It is definitely hard to find time, energy, balance and brain space for all of the wonderful parts of my life. Please subscribe via email on the sidebar to the right so that you can read thoughtful articles, chime-in on relevant topics and hopefully learn something along the way. I know I hope to grow and learn from you as a working Tacoma Mom.

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